To Extend the Life of Pyrex, follow these instructions!

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Many women prefer to cook foods in "pyrex" heat-resistant glass dishes, as it is one of the safest cooking utensils from their point of view, but using them incorrectly or using counterfeiter glass dishes leads to damage quickly, so you must be careful when you choose pyrex when buying and care for it and use it properly when cooking, and here in the article we review some of the correct ways to keep those utensils from a break and rapid damage.

How to keep "pyrex" utensils from being damaged and broken:

- Ensure the oven is well heated before entering the pyrex utensils in the middle.

- Avoid using pyrex utensils on the BBQ grill.

- Do not place the oven on a temperature exceeding 220 ° C, especially if using a glass type other than the Pyrex brand.

- Avoid adding fluids to hot pyrex utensils.

- Pyrex cannot be used to roasting in the microwave.

- Add liquids to the pyrex container before adding the ingredients.

- Use a heat shield on surfaces and heat-resistant gloves when dealing with hot pyrex.

- Do not leave the roasting bags for a long time inside so as not to burn and cause burns and adhesion inside the edges of the bowl.

- Avoid using pyrex utensils if they are scratched, cracked, or broken.

- All frozen ingredients that need to be mixed must be thawed before adding them to cooking in the bowl.

- You can use special cleaning soap for washing glassware, heat-resistant.